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The Revue – Gerry Griffin

“Gerry Griffin (to quote myself) has the kind of life story that would keep many Hollywood screenwriters quite busy for a long time. He has been playing in bands around Ottawa since the mid-1960s, and in that time has watched the scene change, moving from trend to trend. He hasn’t changed much, really. He’s a bluesman, through and through.”

By Kevin McGowan and Steve Fouchard, June 2013 (Video interview with live performances.)

Gerry Griffin

Gerry Griffin, dont la vie est passée par une phase de grande intensité lors d’une longue période de terrible tension physique et psychique dans les 90’s … Interview.

By Serge Moulis, Published in Le Cri du Coyote, No.129, July/August, 2012

A New Life

Gerry Griffin found a new life after spending horrendous time in Moroccan and Spanish jails on a drug conviction.
By Jeremy Mercer, Published in the Ottawa Citizen, June 15, 1998

Gerry Griffin – Poet Prisoner

The incredible story of Gerry’s incarceration in the North African and Spanish prison system in the early 1990’s.
By Thomas Mann & Rosie Rowbotham, Published in Cannabis Culture Magazine, July/August 1998

Moment to Moment

In short, he’s the real thing.”

… Steve Caseman, R2 – Rock’n’Reel UK (Sept/Oct 2011) Full Review


Gerry Griffin flies the flag for Canadian music high and proud and puts many of his contemporaries to shame.

… Russell Hill, Maverick UK  Full ReviewReview complêt en français


His songs are drenched in his dented, but unaffected belief in love.

… Ruud Heijjer, Kippenvel, (January 2012), Full Review


“… to be honest, the entire record, from start to finish, was a joy to listen to.”

… Sarah Bowden, Sound on Sound UK, Full Review


L’ensemble est à découvrir, à écouter tranquille, mais pouvant laisser quelques traces douloureuses, tellement l!émotion est prégnante…

… Serge Moulis, Le Cri du Coyote, France  Full Review in EnglishReview complêt en français


“… it is the sound of a man being true to himself.”

… John Davy, Flyin’ Shoes Review, Scotland  Full ReviewReview complêt en français


“Lyrically perfect …”

… Bob Bonsey, Blues Matters! UK  Full ReviewReview complêt en français


“It’s the lyrics in this album that draw you in.”

… Tara McKenzie, Best Indie Album Reviews, (June 2012), Full Review


“This one kind of snuck on me and I have the feeling it will even improve with age. But it’s good enough right now for another listen.”

… David Hintz, FolkWorld, Home of European Music  Full Review


“Un cd folk, un cd cool pour amateurs de ballades.”

… GD, Sur La Route De Memphis No. 106 (April 2012), Full Review

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