The Passage of Time …

We are honored that “The Passage of Time” was named in the Top 100 CDs of 2013 by NBT Radio, Germany (Thank you Martin!) and in his personal top 10 byKees van Wee reviewer at Heaven NL (Thank you Kees!).

“This reminds me of lighter version of Robert Plant and that’s a big complement coming from me.  … the songs are similar in that folk fashion that mixes other worlds with interesting corners of this world. … ” read more

David Hintz, FolkWorld

“’The Passage Of Time’ by singer-songwriter Gerry Griffin is a strong roots album that makes a deep impression.”… read more

Kees van Wee, Heaven NL, Netherlands

An honest and insightful review in Rock’n’Reel (R2) by Dai Jeffries published in the UK.

“… the images evoked by the Canadian musician somehow lead up to the impression that one just heard something especially wise. The music also reflects this, it’s clever and goes directly to the brain.” … read more

Folker Magazine, Germany

“Yes, the man has something to say! A truly outstanding album has been created and I’m already looking forward to a sequel!”… read more

Wolfgang, Giese, Rock Times, Germany

“The music on Canadian singer-songwriter Gerry Griffin’s third record ‘The Passage Of Time’ is not so simple or easy to absorb. You really have to make an effort to get into the right spirit of these well-crafted compositions. Once you’re there, you will appreciate the work of this musician more and more.”… read more

Rootstime, Belgium

“Gerry est toujours au plus près de l’empathie et de l’humanité …”  “Ce mélange de pop et de blues aux accents irlandais se doit de figurer auprès des must de votre discothèque, avec les deux précédents opus du canadien cassé par la vie.”… read more

Le Cri du Coyote, France

“It is easy to be drawn into his dramatic music and I have to say I really like it.”… read more

Roger Molinder, Blues Journal, Sweden

“Griffin puts a lot of passion and soul into these songs …”read more

FATEA Reviews, U.K.

Ikon 1931, Sweden

Maverick, U.K.

European publicity and radio promotion, Peter Holmstedt, Hemifran

Moment to Moment …

… an album that seems to grab you by the unmentionables and never lets go.”

… Russell Hill, Maverick UK  Full Review / Review complêt en français

Moving.”   “… this non-sentimental masterpiece hits you hard.

… Ruud Heijjer, Kippenvel, (January 2012), Full Review

It’s an assured album offering the kind of intimacy and honesty that major labels spend a fortune trying to reproduce.

… Steve Caseman, R2 – Rock’n’Reel UK (Sept/Oct 2011), Full Review

“… to be honest, the entire record, from start to finish, was a joy to listen to.”

… Sarah Bowden, Sound on Sound UK, Full Review

L’ensemble est à découvrir, à écouter tranquille, mais pouvant laisser quelques traces douloureuses, tellement l!émotion est prégnante…

… Serge Moulis, Le Cri du Coyote, France  Full Review in English / Review complêt en français

“… it is the sound of a man being true to himself.”

… John Davy, Flyin’ Shoes Review, Scotland  Full Review / Review complêt en français

“Lyrically perfect …”

… Bob Bonsey, Blues Matters! UK  Full Review / Review complêt en français

“This one kind of snuck on me and I have the feeling it will even improve with age. But it’s good enough right now for another listen.”

… David Hintz, FolkWorld, Home of European Music  Full Review