Hour Glass

Copyright 1992 G.J. Griffin

Stone by stone the pebbles fall
And land with a resounding sound.
Each one a spark of life from me,
Relentlessly as they fall down.
When I was young they trickled out,
A seemingly unending source. But now they pour … Each seems to shout
That soon I will have run my course.

Now at the half way mark they pass,
Emptying my hour glass.

Exponentially they flow
More quickly as the time runs on.
I feel a sense of urgency.
There is so much I haven’t done.
Sometimes a panic strikes my heart
That it should end before I start
And yet if I could stem the flow
With its arrest my life would go.

I’ll let the stream continue fast,
Embrace it to the very last,
Cherish each grain that’s flowing past,
Emptying my hour glass.

If there could be a way to slow
The limited increasing flow.
To just impede the aperture
When life is full of love that’s pure.
Increase its size in times of pain
And when it’s passed, slow down again
And when torn down just turn it off.
Refill that glass up to the top

And though that’s not reality
It says life’s precious to me.
Pursuing grains as they flow past,
Emptying my hour glass.

Nothing stops those shifting sands
…. Emptying my hour glass

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