Chasing the Dragon

Copyright 1991 G.J. Griffin

(This one’s for you, Kitami.)

He nods upon his bed,
Beside himself so numb.
The dragon scares away the pain
And takes him where he’s from.
A silver string of drool,
Hangs from his mouth and chin.
A jagged tail floats from the foil
And creeps into his brain. Deploys its magic ruthlessly
Time and time again…..
Distorts the time, blocks out the view,
But mostly kills the pain.
Once more he’s caught the dragon.
Once more it takes the reins.
Time and time and time and time
And time and time again …

He’s chasing the dragon

On the street he says he’ll stop,
He’s sure when he’s free …
But he and I both know it’s sure ,
That will never be.
He thinks he’s caught the dragon
And he has it by the tail,
But when he leaves this prison
His own body is his jail …

He’s chasing the dragon

It’s like a dog chasing a car
And catching one at last.
It sits confused Not knowing what to do,
The fun has passed.
Yesterday was just the same.
He sat upon his bed.
Tomorrow he will have some more
Or wish that he was dead …

He’s chasing the dragon.

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