A Hard Rain Will Fall

Copyright 1992 G.J. Griffin

There was a time when we did fly,
Together as we laughed and cried.
We were so much alike . We were as one.
Now you’ve gone your separate way, I live alone in pain today.
A hard rain falls on me. There is no sun.

You were the goal that I aimed for And as I loved you more and more
Than I could ever love with anyone.
I splayed my heart wide open to the possibility that you
Would throw aside my love And I’d become…

A shell of my old former self,
A shattered soul beyond all help…
This time I’ve learned a valuable lesson,
That love is something that you take
And never give and never make.
Just use it then discard it when you’re done.
When a hard rain will fall.

Your words were just to satisfy a hidden urge to testify
Your love for me so that I would become…
The means by which you could convince
Yourself that you are capable of giving love that’s loyal, true and strong…

I’ll never give it out again… be vulnerable to all this pain…
I only wish my love for you was gone.

When a hard rain will fall.

I’ll have to find another goal… A reason to continue on.
I pray that soon my destiny will call.
Know that I loved you even more than I have ever loved before
But shield myself now when a hard rain will fall.

When a hard rain will fall.

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