It Makes My Blood Run Cold

Copyright 1993 G.J. Griffin

The day limps by with its paralysed sky
And cocks its leg upon my life.
Don’t piss your diamonds down on me.
All I want is sand.
A bearded tree sways to the breeze
As cars drool by the poisoned sky,
A toxic stream cries by.
A hissing bus yawns out its load
And coughs out its blackened tail
And it makes my blood run cold.

The smells of cheap colognes
Catalysts to cheap pheramones,
Destroy another happy home … Again.
The stiffened hairs deceive and are piled high
And held by spray to hide the shame
Within the mind that’s underneath.
The wrists are clasped in cuffs of gold,
Entrap the wearer’s soul
As sure as any chain
And it makes my blood run cold … Again.

A little man with saddened eyes and wrinkled tie
Is wondering …… Who she was with last night.
Some children on that school bus passing by,
Wondering why, their moms and dads,
Though not together can’t be friends.
How can two people who were friends and lovers
Not remember private moments
That are better left untold ?……
But it doesn’t matter who they hurt or how
Because it is forgotten now …..
And it makes my blood run cold.

And it makes my blood run cold
… Again.


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