Moment to Moment

© G. J. Griffin, 2005

Maybe I can become, the gratitude that swells and pumps
From underneath the wave from which it comes
In each moment, grateful for each moment, I stand witness
To each moment ever grateful, as it comes

Inside each moment thick with my illusion of reality
Streaming through the ooze of what’s to come
And trailing off behind the fading embers of the past
As I’m propelled past each moment as it’s done

I want to hear the sound of the rain falling to the ground
I want to smell and taste it in my mouth
I want to feel the tickle as my neck receives the trickle
Of those raindrops falling down

Absorb. Embrace. Stare each second in the face
The vapour trails dissolve and then are done
I want to live each moment to each moment
To each moment as it comes

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