Moment to Moment …

… an album that seems to grab you by the unmentionables and never lets go.”

… Russell Hill, Maverick UK  Full Review / Review complêt en français

Moving.”   “… this non-sentimental masterpiece hits you hard.

… Ruud Heijjer, Kippenvel, (January 2012), Full Review

It’s an assured album offering the kind of intimacy and honesty that major labels spend a fortune trying to reproduce.

… Steve Caseman, R2 – Rock’n’Reel UK (Sept/Oct 2011), Full Review

“… to be honest, the entire record, from start to finish, was a joy to listen to.”

… Sarah Bowden, Sound on Sound UK, Full Review

L’ensemble est à découvrir, à écouter tranquille, mais pouvant laisser quelques traces douloureuses, tellement l!émotion est prégnante…

… Serge Moulis, Le Cri du Coyote, France  Full Review in English / Review complêt en français

“… it is the sound of a man being true to himself.”

… John Davy, Flyin’ Shoes Review, Scotland  Full Review / Review complêt en français

“Lyrically perfect …”

… Bob Bonsey, Blues Matters! UK  Full Review / Review complêt en français

“This one kind of snuck on me and I have the feeling it will even improve with age. But it’s good enough right now for another listen.”

… David Hintz, FolkWorld, Home of European Music  Full Review

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