Letter from Jeffrey

February 5, 1996


Re: Gerry Griffin


Gerry Griffin is a unique must meet individual from Canada. He has a passion for life that I have rarely seen. His real life adventures are captured in this 10 original song collection, his first album. He sings, plays acoustic guitar and blues harp, and is backed by his band with electric guitar, accordion, bass and drums.

On the title cut, “Hour Glass”, Gerry is accompanied by the Heralds of Hope, a gospel choir, singing background vocals. The infectious “It Makes My Blood Run Cold” is destined to become a classic. “I Hate Love” puts a new spin on the world’s oldest emotion.

Gerry Griffin’s world has enriched mine. I have tried to capture the taste and essence of his colourful lifetime of experiences and interpret it through his passionate and haunting performances. Enjoy and share this philosophical, reflective, often ironic, unusual autobiographical journey. It’s kind of like life itself.


Jeffrey Lesser

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