Review R2 – Rock’n’Reel UK


What sets Canadian Gerry Griffin apart from the host of singer-songwriters who attempt to dabble in the world of folk and blues is his natural affinity and understanding of the music, and the ability to pen songs that sound like welcome old friends. In short, he’s the real thing.

Moment to Moment is awash with songs that approach the well-worn love song format but take things that step further, avoiding the overtly sentimental and maudlin. Instead his is a gutsy approach that touches on blues, folk and Americana forms with insight and beauty, most notably on ‘It’s Love That Gets us Through’, enhanced by the sublime harmony vocals of Heather Houston.

The ruggedly lived-in yet inviting voice of Griffin is the main attraction, his acoustic guitar and Houston’s harmonies, Appalachian dulcimer and thumb piano adding just the right amount of rootsy ambience to ‘When I Say That’, occasionally evoking memories of Ronnie Lane at his folksy best.

It’s an assured album offering the kind of intimacy and honesty that major labels spend a fortune trying to reproduce.

Steve Caseman

R2 (Rock’n’Reel) UK, Sept/Oct 2011


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