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GERRY GRiFFiN : Moment To Moment

Born in 1948, Gerry is a talented Canadian composer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. In 1996, he produced an exceptional true-life blues CD, Hour Glass, which is an actual musical diary of the two and a half years he spent behind bars, in the early 90s, in the inhuman and degrading North African and Spanish prisons. The putrid details of this period of time are startling but manage to bring a more human element to life and make this extraordinary adventure uniquely his. This first CD is a philosophical musical reflection on the human condition, with its numerous joys and terrible sufferings. With a touch of genius all his own, he manages to beautifully reconcile, in the same phrase, anguish with love of life, be it textual or musical. Gerry has been attracted to blues and country music (amongst many others) for a very long time, as well as African music.

Today, this great man with a wild mane, has created a unique CD which immerses us in a slightly surreal atmosphere but he keeps both feet planted firmly on the ground.

Gerry’s slightly cracked, whiskey-soaked and humanity filled voice, blends perfectly with the soft harmonies of his wonderful partner Heather Houston (Appalachian dulcimer) as well as with the remarkable production of Corey Macfayden (guitar, bass) and well supported by Michael Turenne (bass) where verve and calm are brilliantly in tune.

Without any pretention or apology, he strikes his truths with force and conviction. On the whole, this CD is to be discovered, to be listened to quietly but it could definitely leave painful traces, the emotion is so gripping and intense …

Serge Moulis

Le Cri du Coyote, Issue 122, April/May 2011


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